Lab 02: Code Building Lab

Downloading and installing software in a Linux distribution is much different than a Windows or Mac. Since Linux is more of a command line based OS, the user is expected to know all the commands to perform all the task he/she would like perform in their computer.


Installing the gcc software into my linux computer was not hard at all. Just had to find the command to be able to download the software and install it right away, “apt-get install (software)”, and then I was able to use it without any problem.

Sample code for building the program:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void){
printf(“Hello, world!\n”);

[lreyes3@betty lab2]$ vi lab2.c
[lreyes3@betty lab2]$ gcc lab2.c
[lreyes3@betty lab2]$ ./a.out
Hello, world!



Downloading and installing Calcurse was just as easy as GCC. Used the same command to install it, “apt-get install Calcurse”. As soon as all the dependencies were downloaded and installed the software was ready for use.

lawrencereyes@lreyes:~$ calcurse


In conclusion, downloading and installing software into a Linux distribution is fairly simple. Sometimes some dependencies must be downloaded separately from the software, other than that it not much of a hard task.


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